Sarasota Home Seller’s Update! 48% of all homes in Sarasota County Sell for Cash

This is the set of stats that I like to pull for my home sellers here in Sarasota County.


🏠🏠You might want to know how much competition you have among other homesellers. Take a look at the active inventory; we’ve 3,337 got more homes on the market and it’s trending UP from a year ago. An upward trend can indicate prices leveling off or even declining.

👜If you’re wondering how likely it is that your home will sell for cash, this tells you that 48.7% of all sales here are cash.

🏠 Is your house priced more or less than what most people are paying for homes these days? Check out the median sale price, it’s currently at $507k.

📊 And when you do get an offer on our house, can you expect full price? Chances are you’ll get an offer that’s closer to 95.4% of your listed price.

🤷‍♀️ Are we in a seller’s market or a buyer’s market? Check out the “months supply of inventory” which shows we are sitting at 5.2 months. That’s still technically a seller’s market.

⏰If you’re wondering about how long it might take to get your house under contract, right now it’s taking about 5 weeks (most of mine sell faster 😉).

These stats reflect the February 2024 housing market here in Sarasota County.

When it’s time to sell, ask me,  Christine Pope about stats like these. It’ll give YOU an advantage.