Sarasota Home Sellers Update!

This is the set of stats that I like to pull for my home sellers here in Sarasota County.

🏠🏠You might want to know how much competition you have among other homesellers. Take a look at the active inventory; we’ve got 3,305 homes on the market and it’s trending UP from a year ago. An upward trend can indicate prices are leveling off.
👜If you’re wondering how likely it is that your home will sell for cash, this tells you that 48.6% of all sales here are cash.
🏠 Is your house priced more or less than what most people are paying for homes these days? Check out the median sale price, it’s currently at $540k.
📊 And when you do get an offer on our house, can you expect full price? Chances are you’ll get an offer that’s closer to 94.6% of your listed price.
🤷‍♀️ Are we in a seller’s market or a buyer’s market? Check out the “months supply of inventory” which shows we are sitting at 5 months. That’s still technically a seller’s market.
⏰If you’re wondering about how long it might take to get your house under contract, right now it’s taking about 40 days.
When it’s time to sell, ask me, Christine Pope about stats like these. It’ll give YOU an advantage.

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