Stale Listings Just May be the Deal You’re Looking For

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We’ve all walked into a house for sale and done the complete turnaround and walked right back out the door because something turned us off right away. Maybe it’s the ugly carpet, the not-so-fresh smell, a dirty sock on the floor, a crusty dish in the sink…you name it, there are any number of things that can turn us off. If you’re looking for a good deal though, stick around. If you can look past things like this, you may just find a great deal waiting for you.

Here are 5 things I’ve noticed that turn buyers off, when they’re actually fairly minor and can be fixed with some elbow grease or a few thousand dollars:

1) Ugly, outdated, or dirty carpet.
2) Paint colors you’d never choose.
3) Pet, smoke, or other odors.
4) Empty rooms.
5) Grandma’s decor.

I admit it takes some imagination to mentally remove the things you don’t like about the house and replace them with what DOES make your heart skip a beat. Carpet can be replaced with any flooring you like within your budget. Walls can be repainted any color you choose (wouldn’t you repaint anyway?). Most odors can be taken care of with a good cleaning and some air fresheners. Those empty rooms…they can become what you want them to be. And if the decor turns you off, well, when you get the keys, none of that will be there.

The truth is, many homes with these “problems” sit on the market month after month, even when they’re structurally and mechanically sound. We call these “stale listings”. This becomes the prime opportunity for you to make an offer and transform the house into your new home at a price you can feel great about.

How do you find these deals? Start by checking out homes that have been on the market for 100 days or more.

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